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Your Story Into Stand Up Corporate Workshop



According to a survey on common phobias, some people would rather die than speak in public. Imagine not only having to speak in public, but making that public laugh. Your Story Into Stand Up workshop uses the art of stand up comedy as a tool for you and your team to learn the art of connecting to others while being funny, and increasing confidence along the way. Making that first call, having that first meeting, or giving that speech may be terrifying, but there is a way to act in the face of that fear, so they can experience what it's like to be confidently insecure. This workshop draws from the personal experiences, of the participants both good and bad and supports your team with connecting to their potential clients, management, or coworkers in a genuine and authentic way.


The mission of Your Story Into Stand Up is to show your team that their life is comedy gold, and can give them the confidence to be funny, relatable, and connected to their current or potential clients - while having fun!

  • Have Fun 

  • Bond With Your Team

  • Learn How To Write Your First Joke 

  • Build Confidence

Your Story Into Stand Up is an interactive workshop led by professional comedian Christine Little. In addition to being a stand up comedian and actress, Christine holds a B.A. in psychology, is trained and certified as a life coach, and is an active behavior technician.

Your Story Into Stand Up workshop draws upon Christine’s personal brand of being confidently insecure, which involves acting in the face of fear and owning who you are. Before starting stand up, Christine was TERRIFIED of public speaking (like most people). She even managed to find a way of avoiding taking a public speaking class all throughout jr. high, high school, and college.


Eventually tackling her fear of being in the spotlight, Christine began her career as a stand up comedian, which has led to her traveling the country, booking gigs on television, and hosting her own podcast, “A Little Advice”. This all happened because her passion for making people laugh outweighed her fear of looking like an idiot. In the same regard,your team’s passion for the company mission can empower them to take action in the face of scary circumstances.

Set + 4 hour workshop- $1279


​O​ne-day, 2 hour session - $880

One​-​day, 4 hour session​- $1079

Set Only- $250.00
*Rates reflect Los Angeles- based workshops 

Christine Little

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