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Your Story Into Stand-up. A Wellness Workshop. 


As an activities director it can be challenging to keep finding new and different activities to keep the residents engaged and stimulated. I see a lot of retirement communities offering the exact same activities, they’re great but it's the same - yoga, painting, book clubs, wii bowling, stuff like that.


I have a vision that seniors will find a new sense of purpose and passion for life by seeing that they can take their experiences, (good & bad), and bring laughter and joy to those around them.
These stand up comedy workshops show them, it's never too late to stop learning something creative and having purpose.

Explore Something Different 

A Sense of Purpose

Stand-Up With A Wellness Purpose

I offer stand up comedy teaching services as a wellness class for independent seniors. I consider this a wellness class because laughter helps improve short term memory functioning as well as immune system functioning in older adults.

My fun, supportive, interactive workshops and classes not only provide a cathartic experience, but aids in memory care and building camaraderie for participants.  By examining their life events from a completely different perspective – through the comedic eye – the participants learn a new mode of expression and receive the support and encouragement to actually express themselves in front of a room.  Together, the group will discover new aspects of themselves and each other, and they will learn that stand-up comedy, like most challenges that help us grow, is usually attempted while feeling "confidently insecure."  Folks will leave feeling both empowered and entertained.

Your Story Into Stand Up is an interactive workshop led by professional comedian Christine Little. In addition to being a stand up comedian and actress, Christine holds a B.A. in psychology, is trained and certified as a life coach, and is an active behavior technician.

Your Story Into Stand Up workshop draws upon Christine’s personal brand of being confidently insecure, which involves acting in the face of fear and owning who you are. Before starting stand up, Christine was TERRIFIED of public speaking (like most people). She even managed to find a way of avoiding taking a public speaking class all throughout jr. high, high school, and college.


Eventually tackling her fear of being in the spotlight, Christine began her career as a stand up comedian, which has led to her traveling the country, booking gigs on television, and hosting her own podcast, “A Little Advice”. This all happened because her passion for making people laugh outweighed her fear of looking like an idiot. In the same regard, your community's passion for purpose can empower them to be brave in the face of scary circumstances.

Regular Stand-up Set- $250.00

Workshop Only- $880.00


Set + Workshop- $999.00

If you’d like to hear more about the format and description of the class, I can be reached at 323-632-6381 or by email,

Christine Little

Stand... Off sh

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