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Is there a particular game show that you would like be on if you had the opportunity ? Second choice?

What a fun question! First choice: Celebrity Name Game. I think I would kill it. Second choice: Family Feud! Ok, your turn.

Where do you perform next?

You guys ask the BEST questions. The most regular performance date I have is the last Sunday of every month at Bar Lubitsch. The "You Got Issues" show, I run with my bestie, Laura Malone Hunt.  Its a comedy show with an interactive element: comedians on the show give audience members advice, its a hoot!


Hope to see you there sometime, Kristin! 

What question have you secretly wanted someone to ask?

Interesting question. There isn't one I've been wanting in particular. I just like this as a way to communicate with ya'll guys!

Do you know who you look EXACTLY like?

I get this question a lot. Basically, just fill in the blank with any racially ambiguous celebrity. Generally speaking, I'm flattered, but lay off with comparisons to any dudes please. 

What are some of your favorite pastimes?

Excellent question. Sleeping is one of my favorite things to do. If my bed were a dude, we'd probably be happily married with 3 children. Unfortunately for me, it is not. I also enjoy talking to myself, dancing in the mirror, and "Dateline." Book me at your next party!

You ever think about singing professionally?


Will you marry me?

(Eye roll)...this is one of my MOST frequently asked questions. Laura, I'm flattered for the proposition. Flattery goes a long way and that is why my answer is "sure".

For general info: What would it take for you to block someone on Twitter?

Interesting question.  I have yet to do it, but I would imagine I would block someone if they repeatedly refused to retweet everything I tweet. 

Why are you not appearing more on LAUGHS?

I've actually appeared on LAUGHS 3 times so far, so that's not bad. It is my understanding that they're filming the 2nd season now, so who knows what the future holds.

Why aren't you on Last Comic Standing?

I've been told its because I sit down a lot and it doesn't go with the theme of the show...its called "Last Comic STANDING"...


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